Day 6~ October 6th~ Yunnan

no it is not~Dayangjie~ Yunnan

We may all be human, but our lots are not the same and nor are our destinies. The more people I meet, the further I travel, I realize that life does not deal us all the same cards. Isn’t humanity knowing this and having compassion for those who have less?

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  1. I find this such a disturbing image Mimo.. and I do indeed feel compassion for her..

  2. that hand reminds me to peace sign.

  3. How terrible in its completeness this image, it is so irretrievable in a way. As though we can see a lifetime of poverty and filth in her hands, no amount of scrubbing will clean her poor hard fingers.. I love how this one has the focus on her nails as they tell the most of her story.. I will never forget this face. c

  4. A nice message with an apt picture

  5. Fantastic shot ! You have a perfect eye !

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