Day 30~ June 30th~ Xinjiang

farewell from Xinjiang

Being a lover of travel, you learn to get yourself used to enduring the pain of separation. When you travel to a new place it is not just the people, the buildings, the nature and the food that you meet, but also the essences that live in that place and those are the things you end up missing the most. The very subtle things that you don’t see with your eyes, but only feel, can be with as they come together to make up the version of that part of the earth and imprint it in your mind.

As all journeys must end, so does this month’s adventure into the beautiful world that is Xinjiang. It was a very enjoyable but a difficult month for me in terms of finding the 30 images to show you from the 4000 in my files. There is so much more that remains unseen and so many stories that remain untold.

But on to the next…

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  1. Another superb photograph.

  2. What a wonderful series this has been! Thank you Mimo, and I look forward to July!

  3. This is a memorable pick. One of the best! Thanks.

  4. Excelent portrait!! the expression in his face is amaizing!!

  5. What a wonderful way to end this journey because these people seem to have a great attitude about life.

  6. I found my way here from Helen’s 1500 Saturdays blog. I am glad I did.

  7. Amazing portrait! Thank you !!!

  8. Simply splendid! Congratulations.

  9. over 4000 images !!! how on earth do yo keep track Mimo?
    Looking forward to the next month

  10. We’ve seen a host of beautiful photos and this is a great finale from Xinjiang.

  11. Excellent portrait !

  12. All your photos are beautiful and touch the hearts. I look forward to seeing more of them.

  13. Thank you, I admired your work more. Where you live? You have a spiritual inspiration and a great heart. Have a nice day!

  14. Powerful words, amazing picture! Combinations other bloggers, including me, struggle with.

  15. Superbe portrait!!! Quelle expression …
    A bientôt …

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