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Day 11~ May 11th~ Cambodia

monks at the temple of Bayon

The Bayon, an exquisite temple of great significance. Constructed in the 12th century to face exactly east and roads lead to it directly from the gates at each of the city’s cardinal points, this Buddhist shrine still vibrates with accumulated potency. I visited it a little before sunrise and found myself alone safe for the monks that never stop praying on the grounds of the beautiful temple. Carved with great detail and attention, adorned with many stone faces, built on many intricate levels, this place is haunting and shrouded with mystery.

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Beautiful photo, Mimo. ” this Buddhist shrine still vibrates with accumulated potency” – I know what you mean. I have been in many places in the world that I would name “sacred” because of that sense of power and stillness that comes from centuries of prayer.

This image is a real winner. Gallery worthy. What a great great shot. The composition is fantastic and the way those robes stand out in the scene is really breathtaking.

Hi!!! Thanks for your like on my recent post.. I love your blog.. I feel really happy that you dropped by 🙂
Wishing you an exciting week ahead 🙂

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