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Day 12~ May 12th~ Cambodia

young girls in Phnom Penh

The children of the world are the only hope for its future if there is to be one…

They are the ones who will carry on when we stop, who will live after we die, and who will break into the new realms that await the human race after we come close to giving up. If this is the undeniable truth then how come we, as a collective can still allow them to be abused and exploited by the few sick ones among us? I can not imagine a crime bigger than the ones committed against the children of the world.



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I completely agree with you. L’expression de leur visage est bien en harmonie avec très mots

I completely agree with you. That is why I believe strongly in working with them. I just wish there was a way to save them all. Thank you for continuing to raise awareness. Strong statements and photos.

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