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365 from the archive~ Month 4~ Cambodia

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Day 27~ May 27th~ Cambodia

selling happiness~ one balloon at a time

In the streets of Phnom Penh, this lovely young man was content selling drops of joy in floating balloon forms…

cambodia inspiration life Photography story street

Day 26~ May 26th~ Cambodia

“when there is a will there is a way”

For some, education is a valued gifting, and need is their sole motivation…


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Day 24~ May 24th~ Cambodia

a bright smile in phnom penh

It is international children’s day today! Sending a bright thought to every child on our planet and wishing them a peaceful future where they can be who they were meant to be!

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Day 20~ May 20th~ Cambodia

home is where your family is

We are often asked by others about the place we call home, especially if we tend to move around the planet. Looking at this photo of a family in Phnom Penh in my archives, I realized that the answer is simple. This family has created a little home on the pavement of a big city, and when I look at it and when I remember what it was like, I know that at that moment, this was their home. For this little girl lying on the street next to her brother and behind the legs of her mother, there was a safety of being at home.

It is not our things only that define our home, it is much more the people we call family.

posting this from the airport on the way to Denmark… I will be posting as time permits between now and June 1st and apologies in advance for having no time to comment or respond till I go back home in about 8 days.

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Day16~ May 16th~ Cambodia

moving away from the past

One of the greatest powers of being human is the ability to move on. No matter how difficult or hopeless a situation is for a person, there is always the chance that they will be looking back at it with a lighter heart. Maybe this is what gives us all the hope to keep moving and to seek the lighter side of life, because we know that there is a certainty of the good overcoming the bad and of the light overcoming the dark. It is the constant sacred dance between our nights and our days that demonstrates to us this simple law.

photo taken: a girl on the streets of Phnom Penh~ Cambodia

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Day 12~ May 12th~ Cambodia

young girls in Phnom Penh

The children of the world are the only hope for its future if there is to be one…

They are the ones who will carry on when we stop, who will live after we die, and who will break into the new realms that await the human race after we come close to giving up. If this is the undeniable truth then how come we, as a collective can still allow them to be abused and exploited by the few sick ones among us? I can not imagine a crime bigger than the ones committed against the children of the world.



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so little can be so much- rain in Phnom Penh

Yesterday I was about to leave the guest house in Phnom Penh to make my road trip to Sihanoukville when suddenly the sky opened its floodgates and within minutes the streets in Phnom Penh were transformed into brown swimming pools.

I was standing there with 2 cambodian boys trying to help me with my bags, holding an  umbrella and hugging my camera and laptop bag praying they or I won’t fall into the spontaneous river when I heard squeals and laughter coming from the left. I looked and there they were, kids jumping, swimming, floating happily on garbage bags!

They looked so carefree and so happy, it was hard not to start laughing and to stop minding the prospect of going waist deep into the brown cool waters. So we did, the boys and I. We shuffled our way through the water to the taxi waiting at the end of the street where the water was a bit shallower.

But not before I snapped 3 pictures risking my 7D in the pouring rain 🙂

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Phnom Penh- Day one- part 2- peace at last

After going through the wide range of emotions that places like the killing fields and S1 genocide museum cause, it was so delightful to see the other side of Cambodia’s history.

The royal palace and the national museum, so much peace, so much beauty, so much spirituality, so much yellow and gold, so much silver and gold and so much hope in the good things that human can do.

There is such a strong sense of seeking the divine, of utter reverence to the higher unseen forces that manifests itself in the marvelous architecture, the utter care in the colors, numerology, and esoteric masonry.

These are the things that make you fall in love with Cambodia and the Khmers and make you always want to come back.