Day16~ May 16th~ Cambodia

moving away from the past

One of the greatest powers of being human is the ability to move on. No matter how difficult or hopeless a situation is for a person, there is always the chance that they will be looking back at it with a lighter heart. Maybe this is what gives us all the hope to keep moving and to seek the lighter side of life, because we know that there is a certainty of the good overcoming the bad and of the light overcoming the dark. It is the constant sacred dance between our nights and our days that demonstrates to us this simple law.

photo taken: a girl on the streets of Phnom Penh~ Cambodia

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  1. Emotions Mimo post and very true saying, and her image full of emotions!

  2. Your thoughtful words and photograph match perfectly… The standard of your work is high indeed Mimo.. you show both the strength and the fragility of a child’s spirit.

  3. Hi Mimo, I went and scrolled through your other photo stream. I really love your work and especially your insights into life. I think if we had connected in person some how along life’s path, we’d have become friends.

    Keep up the inspiring work!

  4. Powerful shot, Mimo!

  5. You have a great way of generating words for your photos!

  6. Mimo, I am still loving your work every single day. Good words on a great frame today. Paul

  7. Very moving words Mimo, especially when I consider all that has happened in Cambodia

  8. … and sometimes, when I look back at a situation which seemed to be disastrous, when I was in the middle of it, from where I am now, I realize that it was a gift that it happened….
    I love the picture together with your words ! Beautiful, dear Mimo !!!

  9. Hi,
    A great shot, very nice.

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