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Day 10~May 10th~ Cambodia

The post genocide generation

“To keep you is no benefit. To destroy you is no loss.” The horrific motto of the Khmer Rouge, the movement whose guerrilla forces lead a genocide killing and torturing one fifth of the whole population of Cambodia in the 1970s. Cambodia had the misfortune of giving residence to the monster of war that tours our planet taking away innocence and leaving only death in its wake. But as is always the case, out of the greatest darkness, the brightest of lights is born. From those dark times comes a new age to Cambodia and in the new generation lives kindness, pride, strength, brightness and a promise of a much better future.

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Good one, Mimo! I particularly like your words “the monster of war that tours our planet”, very well put. And the photo is excellent too – the vignette is perfect, and just allowing the viewer to see some of the two boys’ features works far better than a pure silhouette would have done. Adrian

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