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Day 21~ April 21st~ Congo

a safe place to rest

For ‘les enfants de la rue’, the children of the street in Kinshasa, a bit of ground in an enclosed secure place can make a world of difference where their safety is concerned. These children roam the streets by night in search of food, opportunity and means and ways. During the day, a center like this one (Cajed), is a place for them to be with people who care for a few hours. The can, eat, have lessons, play and most importantly rest. These 2 children were fast asleep during the whole of my visit and despite other children playing and running and jumping all around them.

I am quite behind in these Congo posts for April, because it gets more and more difficult each day to go relive this experience through the thousands of photos captured there. Each photograph forces me to relive the moments with all the emotions that accompanied it.

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Good picture, Mimo, and I can quite imagine the emotions you feel – these are very moving pictures.

This lad is sleeping stripped to the waist and without socks/shoes. It may be a strange thing to say, but at least most of Africa manages to stay away from cold climatic conditions – imagine how much worse it would all be if the predominating climate were cold. As well as the desperate needs to eat and to get rest and security, there would also be a biting need to keep warm. That would make everything far worse. Adrian

Mimo this month’s series of photographs are very hard for me to view. And you have seen these children first hand. I don’t know how you are able to revisit these images because this months images in my mind is like looking at a nightmare. It is a shame that the media stays far away from subject matters like this but I think the main reason why is that people would just change the channel or turn off the T.V. I don’t think people really want to know or think about others that are going thru real hardships. Your images are far more powerful to me than anything Anderson Cooper on CNN has shown in me in the past. Your work is amazing and frankly it is a little hard to say thank you because I will see this image as well as the last one all day long but I guess that is your point. To show us that life is not a bed of roses and our problems may not be as huge as we thing they are.

I think you’re very brave for revisiting these photos to share your experiences and also give readers some insight of a world beyond their knowledge and vision. Your Congo photos say a million words and I only hope that humanity would grow in compassion and love after seeing them. Thanks for sharing Mimo!

This is a sad reality in many third world countries, including Bangladesh which is where I am from.
The most graphic aspect of this picture to me is just how worn his feet look…
A beautiful staging of a tragic scene.

Mimo, I hear ya @”it gets more and more difficult each day to go relive this experience…” When one spends extended periods of time with issues that involve the “dark” side of life, it sure can drain one mentally, emotionally and physically. It is wise to step away, rest and recharge one’s battery, so to speak. It is especially frustrating when one sees “wrong” within a nation and it’s not within one’s power to make it “right”!

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