Day 22~ April 22nd~ Congo

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The hope that never dies

If I were to put one common word when describing children from any country, I would say ‘resilience’…

Children are developing beings, changing at a rapid speed, growing, absorbing, evolving and filled with energy that drives them through their process of becoming young adults. What I saw in a lot of the children in Congo was hope, strength, power, joy and possibility despite of and against all odds.

At the beginning of their life journey, their future is unpredictable, unknown and allowing for just anything to happen. It makes me wonder what will become of the these young bright faces that I met, where they are now and where they would be years from now.

photo taken: during a french lesson at the Cajed center for the care of ‘les enfants de la rue’ (the street children) in Kinshasa.


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  1. He has such a beautiful smile. 🙂

  2. I really like his smile 🙂

  3. Beautiful light and composition!

  4. Joyful!! 🙂

  5. Beautiful. Your photographs inspire me in so many ways.

  6. Hi, Mimo!
    Once again, you are one of my favorite photographers on wordpress. So good!

  7. The photo captures your words. Cheers to resilience and hope!

  8. I think this is the first of your Congo photos where the child does not have sadness in his eyes even when he is smiling. This child really does look relaxed and carefree… it’s good to see it.

  9. So good to see a smile from Congo, and such a nice smile!

  10. Perfect love.

    This post is so beutiful

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