Day 20~ April 20th~ Congo

in the game

One of the most precious gifts we humans receive upon our birth is the gift of choice and free will…

We have the faculties that allow us to think, evaluate, compare, investigate, evaluate and then based upon our findings make an informed decision. It is a the first and most important principle for our freedom.

But when this gift is stolen, taken away, then we are forced to live in oppression and to become the involuntary players in the games of others.

This boy was destined to become a player in a game of war, not by choice, he is far too young and far too vulnerable to make his way towards his freedom. He is a prisoner in one ugly scheme and it has drawn the old man out of the little boy.

And the game is till being played…

“May the odds be in his favor”… the quote that still haunts me from the recent movie “the hunger games”

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  1. This series of Congo photos is both stunning and sad – and therefore impossible to ignore or forget. Thank you, Mimo.

  2. Reblogged this on Ratzone's Blog and commented:
    Thanks Mimo:)

  3. hurts so bad this realitty:)

  4. it’s so hard to look at some of these photos, but it’s also so important.

  5. I can’t tell you how you images and posts tug at my heart! I love how these immediately ground me. Thank you for that gift.

  6. Thanks again for sharing your insightful thoughts Mimo. The photo does a great job at expressing your words.

  7. The eyes certainly are the window to the soul..

  8. Your phrase, “drawn the old man out of the little boy” so perfectly describes this. Very sad indeed. when Children aren’t permitted to be children.

  9. Hi,
    It is always very sad to see photos like this of children.

  10. Thats a serious looking kid. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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