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Day 14~ April 14th~ Congo

the girl in Goma

There is a great power in Africa which throbs in the land like a drum beat and then spirals up through its people, radiating from every pore in their skin and fashioning a most complex range of human expression…

I look back at this photo of a girl in Goma and I see shyness, strength, pride, defiance, warmth, dignity, among so many other emotions that come at me from her face and her posture.

If you have been to Africa, you perhaps would have felt that it is a place that keeps beckoning you back, because you realize that you left a part of you there and took a small part that always tugs at you to take it back home.



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Yes, I feel exactly the same as you about the complexity of expression in almost every photo I have made in Africa–no matter how old or young the person. There is a piercing frankness. It does draw me back, so powerfully.

Beautiful Mimo. I am constantly awed by your Congo series. I love your people pictures, you have a true talent in bringing out the personalities. Every picture talks loudly. 🙂

I was born in Africa and lived till the age of 5 in Mali. I revisited Africa for almost two years in 1981-82. I can assure you that I would rather live and work anywhere in Africa, within all the current political upheaval, than in any developed State…Where else can you find natural kindness among people?

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