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Day 15~ April 15th~ Congo


When the streets of the city are your home, when you are solely responsible for your own safety while other children are tucked safely at home, when your survival is depending entirely on the kindness of others…

These piercing eyes belong to one of the 300, 000 children that call the streets of the cities in Congo their home. “les enfants de la rue” ~ the children of the street, wild eyed, witty, emotionally fragile, hard shelled, untrusting… the sad product of a humanity gone wrong. But still the strength in them and the hope in their eyes could not be missed.

I met these children in a center in Kinshasa that offers them lessons, food, daytime shelter and guidance where needed. They sang to me, drew messages on the blackboard for me to photograph and sang me their national anthem in a most rhythmic excellence which I filmed and will share in a future post.

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Oh wow, this must have been an amazing experience. My girlfriend’s life goal is to travel and help children just like these. I’ll make sure she heads over and checks out the article later.

Mimo, the child’s eyes are certainly “piercing”. Maybe I’m “projecting”, but behind his piercing gaze, I see distrust mingled with fear. It’s my guess the photo was taken before the singing and drawing began which would indicate they/him/her felt comfortable and safe in your presence. I could be wrong, but that’s my take Mimo! πŸ™‚

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