Day 17~ February 17th~ Lebanon

rusty memories

Do you remember your first best friend? Do you recall what you used to do for fun, what games you played, what made you happy? Do you remember your first day at school, your first fear, your first secret? Do you remember your first kiss, the first time your heart skipped a beat at the thought of someone?

All these early memories are hidden in Lebanon for me. The greet me each time I go back stirring a panorama of emotions that are soul deep. Going back is like stepping into a hall of mirrors, where you face yourself, all the different sides of you, your journey back into where it all began this time around…and it is not all butterflies and flowers.

photo: abandoned truck on the side of a mountain road in Lebanon

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  1. Excellent picture, Mimo, done just right! And no, going back is not all butterflies and flowers, mostly I’ve found it to be quite a saddening experience. For me, its probably best to stay in the present – but then where I am now is more or less where I started out >>> this is not at all the same as your relationship to Lebanon. Good, thought provoking post! Adrian

  2. What a cool shot!
    What’s old is new again, right?

  3. What a great photo mimo. I love to photo old cars myself when I get the chance.

    My first friend is still one of my best friends.

  4. Excellent perspective and reflection … and something all should do.

  5. Love this image.. Beyond words…
    Can’t wait to discover more of your blog.

  6. What a rich and detailed AND unexpected image!

  7. I had you pegged as a people photographer…..Then I see this!

    But I wonder, do you ever shoot colour? I’d love to see some colour shots…..

  8. Nostalgic and dreamy! I love it! πŸ™‚

  9. Excellent post…and what a great photograph..

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