Day 16~ February 16th~ Lebanon

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It can safely be said that hospitality is an essence that lives and resonates strongly in Lebanese people and in their society. It is a place that a visitor is often invited to a meal several times a day by total strangers, and it is not a matter of speech, they really do mean it and they do receive great pleasure from feeding you. It is an open door policy, especially in villages and a warmth and generosity that is very difficult to say no to. In fact you must choose between getting fat during the holidays or upsetting quite a few people who cannot handle your rejection. In a world where anonymity is becoming the rule of day, returning to such openness and close contact with people is so heartwarming and refreshing.

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  1. Very nice picture, Mimo, it has friendliness and hospitality written all over it! Interesting text too. Adrian

  2. I give that guy credit: I’m not sure I’d be smiling in his place….

    • Why not. did you not read the text. Your stories and pictures really makes me want to go to Lebanon. It seems as such a warm and loving place. The students I have from Lebanon are always so polite and respectful.
      Thank you for showing this side that is seldom portrayed in media.
      perfect love

  3. Wonderful photo, Mimo – love the smile.

  4. I love that kind of hospitality but I don’t practise it! If I’m having people over I like to know who’s coming and how many I’m cooking for and I like to make sure I’ve got just the right mix of people etc. Having an extra turn up can quite throw me. But other cultures, like the Lebanese are so much more relaxed. I think it’s a better way to be.

  5. First off, one great photo! I love the framing.

    I miss the old men sitting around old stores (privately owned and not part of chains) telling stories as a child. Now the old stores have been about squeezed out and people no longer take the time to sit and chat.

    I remember as child when it was a dishonor if someone didn’t turn the television off when you visited. A phone call was never needed just show up! The great old days!

  6. Hospitality is a cultural gift that many have lost in the fast-paced western world … and the your words and image help say that it doesn’t have to be that way.

  7. I can see how that would be wonderful for people who love to sit and eat and talk, and who come from a culture like that, I am a bit too shy I think.. c

  8. I love cultures that are so hospitable like that. Every time I go to Colombia it’s the same. I have to limit my visitations just because I can’t eat 4 lunches every day, etc. They don’t even ask if I’m hungry. A plate full of food just suddenly arrives, haha. Such beautiful hearts they have
    Great photo there!

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