Day 18~ February 18th~ Lebanon

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arches and mosaics

Everywhere you look in Lebanon, you find layers of history and ages superimposed upon ages, telling stories of kings, princes and rulers that left their mark on this small country. About 50 km south east of the capital Beirut, lies a small village on the shoulders of the Chouf mountains, and I have always been caught by its name: Beit ed-Din (house of religion, or house of faith). Besides its natural charm, the village is home to a beautiful palace. In the Druz area of Lebanon, the emir(prince) Bachir Chehab the second ordered the building of the palace by arab masons as well as Italian architects, which gave the building the distint style of traditional arab masonry mixed with a touch of baroque. Today the palace is partly open to the public and partly serves as a presidential summer residence.

The more I write about Lebanon, the more I realize that it would take years to tell its story with me and my story with it…

Beit ed-Din front view of the palace

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  1. Nice pictures, Mimo, especially the top one – very much like the tone you’ve given that and the perspective is wonderful. Adrian

  2. I was introduced to Lebanon through its food and through a couple of friends. From that point on, I am waiting for when my traveling will bring me to your country. I am looking forward to learning more about Lebanon through your words and your poignant photography.

  3. It’s always interesting to read about your home country. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful pics! One great thing about that area of the world is preservation of VERY old architecture. I’m sure I could spend years there just absorbing all there is to see.

  5. The beauty that the old maintains is remarkable!

  6. Reminds me that it is too long since I last visited. I have some family in Beirut.

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