Day One Hundred Twenty Five, May 27, 2011

what have we done to her?

Today, I spent most of my day in the city streets preparing for Lea’s birthday party tomorrow, and my mind was taking me on a familiar train of thought that I have had now for years.

I often think of our planet. I try to zoom a bit out of the small things of daily life and try to perceive of her long life(billions of years)compared to ours, which seems like a split second if you think about it. Then I think of our use of her resources, like fuel, electricity, mining, deforestation (you know, the whole global warming issue), and I somehow cannot help to think of this post industrial revolution era as a very very short period in the planet’s long history. I tend to then think of it as a parasitic phase when we the humans decided to feed on the blood of our host, our planet. And then I think, well, what’s keeping her from smacking us like we would an annoying mosquito?

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the graphic ponder today, but I really wonder sometimes…

photo taken, the city outside my window reflected in a glass sphere

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