Day One Hundred Twenty Five, May 27, 2011

what have we done to her?

Today, I spent most of my day in the city streets preparing for Lea’s birthday party tomorrow, and my mind was taking me on a familiar train of thought that I have had now for years.

I often think of our planet. I try to zoom a bit out of the small things of daily life and try to perceive of her long life(billions of years)compared to ours, which seems like a split second if you think about it. Then I think of our use of her resources, like fuel, electricity, mining, deforestation (you know, the whole global warming issue), and I somehow cannot help to think of this post industrial revolution era as a very very short period in the planet’s long history. I tend to then think of it as a parasitic phase when we the humans decided to feed on the blood of our host, our planet. And then I think, well, what’s keeping her from smacking us like we would an annoying mosquito?

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the graphic ponder today, but I really wonder sometimes…

photo taken, the city outside my window reflected in a glass sphere


Day Thirty, February 21, 2011

as above so below

What a potent symbol, the circle!

We live on a sphere, we receive daily warmth from a sphere, we have our nightly light from a sphere,

we spin in our universe among other spinning spheres.

And here on earth, you drop any liquid and it instantly forms itself into the most potent of all forms

the circle, the drop, the sphere!

And even inside our bodies, the smallest of things is a sphere!

As above so below!

Another mystery to ponder, and it goes everywhere…even into the magic of spirals