Day Seventy Two, April 4, 2011

Magic comes around at sunset

We call it the magic hour,

the golden hour,

the time the sun gifts us with the magic of softness,

when all is glowing,

when light caresses our hair,

when we feel stillness,

when day and night just embraced or are just about to embrace,

this is the place where true passion lives.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Hi Mimo… Just found out that you left the 365project site already.. I saw it on a thread started by Janna using my mobile. Can’t help it to be sad and rushed to my PC to check you blog and drop this comment… I hope everything is well with you.. You are a great artist with such flare and style. Thanks for the 365project moments with you… I just bookmarked this blog so that I can check it whenever I feel to… Take care Mimo… God bless! you are surely missed at 365… 🙁


Hi Ariel! So great to hear from you! Yes, so sorry I had to leave the 365 site, it was too much to keep up with the comments and I already post here and on my facebook page as well as flickr. I do miss seeing a lot of people’s inspiring work and sharing this year of photography with them. It is such a warm and supportive community. Do you have a site where I can follow your work? I really enjoyed watching your portraits every day!

really can’t help it to be sad Mimo… 🙁 but I understand.. I have a tumblr [ ] and I post some stuffs there.. But kinda not everyday cos of the 365project.. really managing these multiple sites are a headache.. Mimo, we miss you…

Beautiful photo and poem. I love the bokeh. The bokeh really gives this photo a special quality.

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