Day One Hundred Thirty One, June 2, 2011


living in your own bubble

I am still very inspired by the early morning Tai Chi I witnessed yesterday in the street and I keep thinking of how important it is to create our own bubble, our space that we can be inside of when we need to think clearly. It is of course the most natural thing for any human to have this space, and it is in our very design. The greatest achievement is to be able to keep our bubble clean, safe and uncluttered. Only that way it can provide the safety each one of us longs for, the sense of knowing who we are and what we are meant to be doing…

Photo taken with my favorite model, Lea

Day One Hundred Five, May 7, 2011

a day of lightness

Being a parent we spend most days wearing different hats, care giver, teacher, guide, coach, nurse, leader, comforter, helper, dresser, shopper, cook,.. you know how it goes.

But there are those special days when we find the freedom to just ‘be’ with our children. We enter their realm, we shift gears to be on their speed, we laugh wholeheartedly at their jokes, we feel the awe they feel at the little things, we get excited about finding a snail in the garden at night, we collect flowers, we become somehow also children. I love days like these, they make me feel like I lived a whole lifetime in one day and yet somehow still manage to feel younger, lighter, happier, freer.

Day Fifty Four, March 17, 2011

It's a fragile story, and it's all inside the bubble

They say if we want to keep something safe, an idea, a secret, a special thought, a new love, a tender moment; then we need to protect it. We need to shield it and contain it until it grows from fragile and new to strong and mature. It sound easy to do, but I have found it always to be one of life’s biggest challenges. Almost like keeping a bubble from bursting, and letting it hold the magic inside for as long as I possibly can.