Eutopia in a bubble

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Have you ever?

Have you ever?

Have you ever frozen time, captured perfection, wrapped it in a bubble and discovered your Eutopia? To do that even once, is to come closer to who we were meant to be…

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  1. What a gorgeous picture! When I was little I once wrote a story about a town that lived in a bubble. I like the idea of captures perfection in a bubble. Makes it seem so tranquil and perfect.

  2. This picture is a mixture of sense of freedom and happyness. I’m feeling like a cloud in this moment… I’m feeling light, and it’s like I could fly and have no limits…
    Thank you for this beautiful moment

  3. life is magic,,,, great picture thnaks mimo

  4. I have an artist friend who talks about living in her own little bubble world – nothing the matter with that! This is a wonderful photo.

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    Lovely bubble, beautiful capture !

  6. I haven.’t but I hope to someday

  7. I love this – a little world of possibility in that bubble. Just gorgeous, Mimo.

  8. So very, very cool! Robyn

  9. beautiful words and picture Mimo

  10. this is so pretty!! really amazing capture!! love it~~ 😀

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