Day Fifty Four, March 17, 2011

It's a fragile story, and it's all inside the bubble

They say if we want to keep something safe, an idea, a secret, a special thought, a new love, a tender moment; then we need to protect it. We need to shield it and contain it until it grows from fragile and new to strong and mature. It sound easy to do, but I have found it always to be one of life’s biggest challenges. Almost like keeping a bubble from bursting, and letting it hold the magic inside for as long as I possibly can.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Hi Mimo, I´m a friend of Becky´s. I also live in Colombia and since I share with you my interest in photography, she told me to look you up on your site. Congratulations! What a great job1 I absolutely love it!

I´m also new at this blog thing, (mine is “Sentires al Viento”- witten in Spanish of course), so I would also like to follow you here!


Ana María

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