Day One Hundred Eighty Seven, July 28, 2011

water and light
waterfall in the golden hour

If I were to choose two things that make summers in Lebanon so special for me, it would be light and water. It never rains in the summer, so the sun shines gloriously everyday warming the place magically and forcing you to long for the water. And Lebanon is rich with water, a phenomenon in the midst of dry the dry lands surrounding it. Its rivers, its waterfalls, its beautiful sea, its natural wells, a treasure to behold.


Day Seventy Two, April 4, 2011

Magic comes around at sunset

We call it the magic hour,

the golden hour,

the time the sun gifts us with the magic of softness,

when all is glowing,

when light caresses our hair,

when we feel stillness,

when day and night just embraced or are just about to embrace,

this is the place where true passion lives.