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Daily Coffee Talk~56/365

Hi from a cold German Evening,

The world feels more and more alien to me with every passing day. 2022 is proving to be an even more intense transition into a changing future than the years that preceded it.

What kind of world are we leaving our children? They are a generation that was born and grew up in an accelerating age of technological advancement and an ever narrowing focus toward screens and social media with less and less connection to nature and its wonders.

How will they reconnect to what matters the most? How can we guide them towards a more harmonious, connected and natural state of affairs?

Maybe winter weather , shorter days and exploding covid numbers are promoting these thoughts and contemplations, but they are real and dominate my thoughts.

Good night from here and I hope you wake up to a bright new day full of promise and change to the better.

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Day 18~ December 18th~ Guilin

innocent wonder
innocent wonder

One of the rewards of going into far away parts of China is meeting innocence. Innocence lives her sister simplicity with the natural people of this world. My friend who travelled with me on this trip has amazingly beautiful and extremely curly hair and at the sight of it a crowd of sweet women gathered and followed us around with the single wish of touching my friend’s hair. Moments like this make you have hope again for our world and its war of differences.

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Day 4~ October 4th~ Yunnan

old Hani woman~ Yunnan

In Yunnan province in China, there are at least 26 ethnic minorities living in small villages up and down the lush green mountains. We drove through these villages and met some of these amazing people who were said to have come from the mountains of Tibet before settling in Yunnan.

The Hani believe that all things on earth have souls They offer sacrifices to mountains, rivers, dragons and heaven, and, as often as every week, to their ancestors. Animals have spirits that are honored in hunting rites.

It was such a gift to walk among them, witness their unique lifestyle and see faces that are still connected to one of the old natural religions of the earth. Their faces told their stories…

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Day Three Hundred Forty Five, January 2, 2012

jet lag

January 2nd was a day of airports and airplanes and naturally jet lag. For me feeling a jet lag and being out of sorts for a few days after a plane ride is a certain indication that humans were never meant to travel that fast across the globe. The way things used to be for us hundreds of years ago seems to be the more gentle and natural way to move around, on horseback, walking, on rafts, boats, even sailing. As much as we enjoy technological advances, something about them always has the hint of alien attached to it…


Day Two Hundred Two, August 12, 2011


A word that is born in children and lives in their very essence. They zip through their first years with a great hunger to learn, to be, to run, to eat, to play, to see, to experience and they do that with a great intensity. And we often catch ourselves asking: “where do they get all this energy?” They are acting as a human is meant to be, uninhibited, free, soaking up the impressions of every single moment. I love observing them, photographing them, learning from them and I feel so lucky to parent one of them.

Photo: Lea in Estepona Port, Andalusia, Spain


Day Seventy Eight, April 10, 2011

what looks out of his eyes?

I love photographing children. When I look at a child I see the child, just them, whatever they are going through at that exact second, their whole universe is with them in that moment. Their eyes are like portals to a world so far away. Children are so close to what we were meant to be like, pure human essence.

You point a camera at an adult (myself included) and you mostly get their personality, their formed identity, their inhibition, their strange psychologies, and it casts a shadow on their eyes and their faces. That is why I love candid shots so much . I try to capture humans in their essence, just being, doing and reflecting their inner worlds.

Photo: toddler on the street, Shanghai, China