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Daily Coffee Talk~56/365

Hi from a cold German Evening,

The world feels more and more alien to me with every passing day. 2022 is proving to be an even more intense transition into a changing future than the years that preceded it.

What kind of world are we leaving our children? They are a generation that was born and grew up in an accelerating age of technological advancement and an ever narrowing focus toward screens and social media with less and less connection to nature and its wonders.

How will they reconnect to what matters the most? How can we guide them towards a more harmonious, connected and natural state of affairs?

Maybe winter weather , shorter days and exploding covid numbers are promoting these thoughts and contemplations, but they are real and dominate my thoughts.

Good night from here and I hope you wake up to a bright new day full of promise and change to the better.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

6 replies on “Daily Coffee Talk~56/365”

I am – paradoxically – glad that a young woman such as yourself should feel as I do about this new ALIEN world.
I don’t feel so alone in my dismay. And yes, I am concerned about that emerging new world.
Though I still harbour hopes about some consequences of COVID. Home office has tremendous potential on transforming our urban space and transportation.
But the rest? Some signs I don’t like at all. Let’s hope I’m wrong.
Stay safe all of you.

Dear Mimo,
I can very much follow your thoughts and feelings. Yes, we are responsible for the world we leave to our childrens.
But then, also, they are born now. They have their challenges as we have and had them. They have the full potentiality of human life and it’s promise.
Take faith and continue with your bright work! ( in this dark winter…)
So often you bring light to my days with your mailings!
with warmth

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