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Day Three Hundred Forty Five, January 2, 2012

jet lag

January 2nd was a day of airports and airplanes and naturally jet lag. For me feeling a jet lag and being out of sorts for a few days after a plane ride is a certain indication that humans were never meant to travel that fast across the globe. The way things used to be for us hundreds of years ago seems to be the more gentle and natural way to move around, on horseback, walking, on rafts, boats, even sailing. As much as we enjoy technological advances, something about them always has the hint of alien attached to it…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

3 replies on “Day Three Hundred Forty Five, January 2, 2012”

Riding from Germany to China surely would’t feel as gentle as you may think.
Love how you put “jet lag” into a picture. A part of oneself lagging behind, arriving at a later time.

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