Day 4~ October 4th~ Yunnan

old Hani woman~ Yunnan

In Yunnan province in China, there are at least 26 ethnic minorities living in small villages up and down the lush green mountains. We drove through these villages and met some of these amazing people who were said to have come from the mountains of Tibet before settling in Yunnan.

The Hani believe that all things on earth have souls They offer sacrifices to mountains, rivers, dragons and heaven, and, as often as every week, to their ancestors. Animals have spirits that are honored in hunting rites.

It was such a gift to walk among them, witness their unique lifestyle and see faces that are still connected to one of the old natural religions of the earth. Their faces told their stories…

11 thoughts on “Day 4~ October 4th~ Yunnan

  1. dear mimo
    human life glow with light for littel moment when they see you, you care for them and give them hope….thanks v much merin


  2. Mimo, my dear, is impressed with the picture! A lot of hard work to field work has made ​​this woman! I have a great admiration and great respect for those who daily bread, they can gain weight so! Thank you so much for sharing with us about the lives of people around the world! Bless you! Have a wonderful day! with love, Stefania! 🙂


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