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Behind the glitzy face of Shanghai

gambling women behind barred windows
gambling women behind barred windows
residents of the old and slowly vanishing alleys
a resident of the old and slowly vanishing alleys
a witness of the whirlwind of changes that took over the glamorous city.
a witness of the whirlwind of changes that took over the glamorous city

Behind the modern facade of Shanghai and the fashionable lifestyle of its rich, is a world of tradition hidden in the city’s old alleys. Every week when I visit these neighborhoods, I find less and less of them left. The city is changing so rapidly and the new has no room for the old. Modernization is consuming tradition and Starbucks cups are quickly replacing the famous tea containers of the Shanghainese. A paradise for street photographers, I feel so lucky to have lived in Shanghai as long as I have.

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Day 4~ October 4th~ Yunnan

old Hani woman~ Yunnan

In Yunnan province in China, there are at least 26 ethnic minorities living in small villages up and down the lush green mountains. We drove through these villages and met some of these amazing people who were said to have come from the mountains of Tibet before settling in Yunnan.

The Hani believe that all things on earth have souls They offer sacrifices to mountains, rivers, dragons and heaven, and, as often as every week, to their ancestors. Animals have spirits that are honored in hunting rites.

It was such a gift to walk among them, witness their unique lifestyle and see faces that are still connected to one of the old natural religions of the earth. Their faces told their stories…


Day Seventy One, April 3, 2011


xintiandi's new poster boy

The new look of Xintiandi~Shanghai

One of the first lifestyle centers of China, 新天地 Xintiandi, is a pedestrian area that showcases the shikumen (stone faced houses) architecture of Shanghai. Xintiandi means literally “new heaven on earth” and is and has been a very lively place night and day, always reinventing itself with new styles to match the speed of city growth. It is zigzagged with narrow alleys, restaurants, bookstores, shops, bars and beautiful cobble stone floors in its alleys. It most certainly has style and is a must see in Shanghai.


I know this project is about one photo a day, but I am sneaking in a few shots where I feel needed. Happy weekend!

'Shanghai Tang' in Xintiandi