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Behind the glitzy face of Shanghai

gambling women behind barred windows
gambling women behind barred windows
residents of the old and slowly vanishing alleys
a resident of the old and slowly vanishing alleys
a witness of the whirlwind of changes that took over the glamorous city.
a witness of the whirlwind of changes that took over the glamorous city

Behind the modern facade of Shanghai and the fashionable lifestyle of its rich, is a world of tradition hidden in the city’s old alleys. Every week when I visit these neighborhoods, I find less and less of them left. The city is changing so rapidly and the new has no room for the old. Modernization is consuming tradition and Starbucks cups are quickly replacing the famous tea containers of the Shanghainese. A paradise for street photographers, I feel so lucky to have lived in Shanghai as long as I have.

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I feel the same about Kolkata, India. Everytime, I go back modernism is taking over. When I was younger, it was what I wanted too, but now a big part of me wishes these street stores etc would stay rather than seeing the same stores everywhere in the world.

Wonderful that you have had this opportunity. I went to Mongolia twice and found the culture so fascinating. Now, the modern world is changing this old culture…especially as the young reach out to the world through the internet. I write to my students there, but it will never be as I first found it. Blessings and continue sending great photos. Nancy at Boyer Writes

Merci Mimo. (Choukrane? ou Choukria? I get mixed up sometimes) I was beginning to miss your pictures.
Lovely to see you back!
Take care
PS. You’re welcome to visit my blog “equinoxio” at Worpress. (Not quite sure how to copy the link!) 🙂 Maybe just the blog’s title Equinoxio at wordpress? or brieucgwalder?

I love the images. What are the alleys like? Have you ever been to Marrakech and the Medina? The alleys are narrow and winding, and intimidating when you arrive at first. Locals pounce on you selling their wares, they sense your hesitation. After a few days you walk more purposefully rather than looking completely lost and they leave you alone! Unfortunately you don’t see as much then. Would love to see more photos. :0)

Thank you Olivia. The alleys here are quite different. They are residential with hardly any shops inside. The people are very friendly and welcoming. There are many other photos on my flickr and fb page. Feel free to visit 🙂

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