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Tears of a stranger~

Someone, somewhere is shedding tears at this very moment. And someone, somewhere is sending them a good thought.

Wishing you all well on a rainy night in Germany.

Day of 85 of 365~

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The great art of little earthlings~

How perfect is a spiderweb? A little creature creating a mandala many times its size in a beautiful design that makes me gasp each time I see one. Even the rain falls in love with this great art.

How wonderful our planet can be if we only stop to notice.

Day 6 of 365

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Let it rain!!

Don’t you love photographing the rain?

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Day Three Hundred Twenty, December 8, 2011

color's last breath

On a very early morning walk today, it was drizzling, fresh drops from a grey blanketed sky, the breeze was still catching its breath and getting ready to exhale later in the day, it was the time of morning magic. Soon winter will paint over everything with a muted canvas of grays, browns and whites, and the vibrant colors of fall will become just a memory. The few leaves I saw today with their glorious oranges, yellows and reds were just hanging on awaiting their turn to ride on the wings of the howling wind that is sure to come and carry them away…

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Day Two Hundred Eighty Seven, November 5, 2011

the endless rain

I once heard a story about a man who hated the rain. This man’s mood and emotional state were completely influenced by the presence of absence of water falling from the sky. So he once had a great job interview coming up and he had prepared himself for days and weeks to be at his best that morning, because more than anything he wanted to get this job that might change his life to the better. The morning of the interview he got all suited up, sprayed on a last touch of cologne and opened the door only to see his enemy facing him outside the door. Needless to say, he went to the interview reduced from his best to his worst and yes, you guessed it, he did not get the job.

I am teaching myself to love the rain, walk in the rain, shoot in the rain and am enjoying every minute of it. Bring on the endless rain!


Day Two Hundred Fourty Eight, September 27, 2011

in training

That is the way of a child, always in training, day in, day out, learning, practicing, repeating, trying again, discovering new ways and building the person they are meant to be. Training lives in the doing, in the actions we take repetitively until we reach our goal. There is such a great satisfaction gleaned from a good training, a sense of accomplishment, a sigh of relief that our faculties were put to good use, that we are closer to being who we were meant to be. An idle life has always caused a great fear in me and in the doing I find my greatest satisfaction.

Another lesson learned from children, the ones who are still closer to the true human way.


Day Two Hundred Fifteen, August 25, 2011

summer rain

‘Summer rain’, so many songs are written about, movies, books, plays… I never new summer rain till I left Lebanon for New York, because back home, it never rains in the hot months. And we used to hear of this strange phenomenon as children and think “how exotic! Maybe one day we can witness it ourselves!”

Shanghai has been living up to its summer rain quota this summer. It feels as though we are living under water the past few days and when it rains here, it really pours!


Day One Hundred Thrity Nine, June 10, 2011

searcher in the rain

It has been raining steadily for a few days in Shanghai. It is the kind of rain that is born of harmoniously grey overcast skies and the rain that calls on the essence of patience in us. Patience because the rain shows no signs of stopping soon, it just falls steadily sometimes just a drizzle, and other times a heavy downpour, but it keeps falling. We have not seen a blue sky in days and this has forced me to go internally with my contemplations because that is what rain does. It made me dwell on the search journey we each find ourselves in. Everyone is searching for something, everyone is on a quest, on a journey. Very few know exactly what they are searching for, but for the most, it is a sense of drifting in search for a purpose. How often do you ask yourself why you were born here on Earth, and how often do you have a satisfying answer…

Just a mystery ponder


Day Fifty Six, March 19, 2011

A drowsy rainy day

It was one of those days in Shanghai where the rain drizzles on and on in a steady lazy rhythm.

We took the long slow drive to the airport and ended up both sleeping on the way, her with her music,

me with the hum of the car engine and the gentle tapping of the rain on the window.


Day Forty Two, March 5, 2011


It rained tonight on my window

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” —Mark Twain

Today was a day of looking at balances, re-arranging thoughts, deep contemplations, and searching for rhythms. There is a rhythm in the rain that can lull you to sleep if it falls gently, there is also rhythm in the city lights that pass by your window as you sail through the busy streets. Rhythm is everywhere, in our heartbeat, in the days, in the nights, in the tides and in the birth and death of every living thing.