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Day Three Hundred Twenty, December 8, 2011

color's last breath

On a very early morning walk today, it was drizzling, fresh drops from a grey blanketed sky, the breeze was still catching its breath and getting ready to exhale later in the day, it was the time of morning magic. Soon winter will paint over everything with a muted canvas of grays, browns and whites, and the vibrant colors of fall will become just a memory. The few leaves I saw today with their glorious oranges, yellows and reds were just hanging on awaiting their turn to ride on the wings of the howling wind that is sure to come and carry them away…

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

12 replies on “Day Three Hundred Twenty, December 8, 2011”

mimo – this is a *very* beautiful photograph, I really like it. The colour is fantastic, so is everything else about it.

It’s so drop-dead-gorgeous that it stunned my computer into freezing up and I had to reboot to finish this comment.

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