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The inevitable change

secrets in the rain~ Shanghai

secrets in the rain~ Shanghai

once upon a rainy day~ Shanghai

once upon a rainy day~ Shanghai

fall games~ Shanghai

fall games~ Shanghai

fall mosaics~ Shanghai

fall mosaics~ Shanghai

legends of the fall~ Shanghai

legends of the fall~ Shanghai

Every year at about the same time in November a new wind blows in Shanghai bringing with it the promise of a heartless winter to come. But there is so much to love about the way the fall forces itself on summer, not offering any apologies, simply making a bold statement, stripping the trees of their leaves, forcing us all to alertness and away from the laziness of summer warmth.


Day Three Hundred Twenty, December 8, 2011

color's last breath

On a very early morning walk today, it was drizzling, fresh drops from a grey blanketed sky, the breeze was still catching its breath and getting ready to exhale later in the day, it was the time of morning magic. Soon winter will paint over everything with a muted canvas of grays, browns and whites, and the vibrant colors of fall will become just a memory. The few leaves I saw today with their glorious oranges, yellows and reds were just hanging on awaiting their turn to ride on the wings of the howling wind that is sure to come and carry them away…

Day Three Hundred Six, November 24, 2011

fall and float

What about this word destiny? Some believe it is already written, others are determined on rewriting it, some dismiss it completely and believe all is a haphazard series of coincidences… But aren’t we always changing the course of our destiny through actions we make and decisions we take? Isn’t blaming things on our destiny or our luck another way of abdicating from our responsibilities? How much of our lives are we directly responsible for and what part of them do we just allow ourselves to ‘go with the flow’ and just float inertly by. Going against the current, swimming upstream, creating a new path where no one has been before, isn’t that what humans where created for?

evening ponders on an unusually warm night in Shanghai

Day Three Hundred, November 19, 2011

fallen drops

Fall, autumn, the time of separation, of big changes, of getting ready to go huddle indoors, and the time of little deaths. We get inspired and uplifted looking at the leaves changing color in the fall because it is just too overwhelmingly beautiful to witness. So death must have a beauty in itself like all things in life do. A leaf is born out of a magnificent blossom and it dies with an explosion of color. It is always about how we choose to see things, and this leaf was a magnificent vibrant yellow, can you see it?

Day Two Hundred Ninety Three, November 11, 2011

making room for winter

Don’t you love the rolling of seasons and how elegantly each season fades into the next? Our glorious fall is shedding the last stage of vibrant colors as if it knows we will be yearning for brightness in the coming grey and white days of winter, so it saturates us with hues so bright that we yearn for the toned down palette that is sure to follow. In Shanghai’s streets these days the workers are busy sweeping away the fallen leaves and starting to bundle up for the coming cold.

leaf sweeper

Day Two Hundred Eighty Eight, November 6, 2011

The fall leaf that never fell

Fall comes sending its fairies to color the trees in reds, oranges, yellows, golds and browns. Then the big wind blows its mighty breath to scatter the leaves creating a magical carpet of warm colors on a moist fragrant ground  and causing sighs of wonderment from us all. And as gravity dictates, all leaves must fall to the ground. Well not this leaf. This leaf found itself destined for a short journey across a big city, riding on a bicycle wheel through alleys of Shanghai, because destinies are unknown, a mystery and not all leaves are meant to fall at the first gust of strong wind.

Day Two Hundred Seventy Nine, October 28, 2011

the cookie that lived...

It is the time of year when ghosts roam the streets and demand to be fed with candy or they would scare us to death, when elves get busy making sweets and building toys for good children everywhere from their north pole workshop and when an a jolly old man in a red suit is waking up and getting ready to saddle his reindeer and to ride his carriage in the skies of the planet delivering gifts and fulfilling the lists of little children, the time when cookie people are not all just cookies. Some of these cookies will escape and go to cookie land before they get colored silly and eaten.

I love these fantastical stories we grow up with but is it any wonder our children think twice before blindly believing everything we say?

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