Day Two Hundred Ninety Three, November 11, 2011

making room for winter

Don’t you love the rolling of seasons and how elegantly each season fades into the next? Our glorious fall is shedding the last stage of vibrant colors as if it knows we will be yearning for brightness in the coming grey and white days of winter, so it saturates us with hues so bright that we yearn for the toned down palette that is sure to follow. In Shanghai’s streets these days the workers are busy sweeping away the fallen leaves and starting to bundle up for the coming cold.

leaf sweeper

10 thoughts on “Day Two Hundred Ninety Three, November 11, 2011

  1. Mimo, for its the top photo >>> tremendous composition and just right for monochrome! One of your best (that I’ve seen) I think. And the slant of the picture contributes to the whole thing a lot. Very good. Adrian


  2. I think that the leaf sweepers add to the elegance of this seasonal transition. The nearly ubiquitous leaf blowers in North America very much detract from that elegance – more like an angry punctuation than a gentle transition. I really like that top shot of the broom and swept pavement.


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