Let it rain!!

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Don’t you love photographing the rain?

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  1. What a gorgeous series of photos! The one of the children laughing under their umbrellas is a winner. I enjoy the way the rain drops play with light.

  2. so many wonderful images!

  3. nice photos 🙂

  4. After the rain, everything looks so refreshing. 😉

  5. Excellent photography, Mimo, I really like your style! Adrian

  6. No, I don’t love photographing in the rain, but I love photographs taken in rain. And you series is gorgeous. All of them very personal interpretations of various subject and subject matter. And such a variety and abundance of takes on rain. Great work!

  7. Those are some really awesome shots!

  8. It is raining here right now, so it was just a perfect moment to see these amazing pictures with the sound of a strong rain outside! 🙂 A lot easier to stay in the office some extra hours this way! 🙂

  9. Many, many striking images Mimo! The rain has it’s own magical possibilities. A beautiful collection.

  10. Amazing work Mimo!

  11. I very much like the b/w photo of the leaf with droplets on it.

    But I do not like the slideshow. These are some brilliant photos, and I believe each one deserves to be individually displayed. Just my 2 cents.

  12. I sure do! These are so great! All of them. I agree, the kids under the umbrella is brilliant!

  13. Great collection of photos…I really like the bike handlebars shot 🙂

  14. I love rain to the point I am considered weird. I love the stream of your rain photos; it conveys all relevant feelings across and I felt as if was there looking through your eyes. You are very talented; thank you for making your work available.

  15. I really like the one of the kids laughing under the umbrella. It seems so simply and joyous!

  16. haha..great photos. I loved photographing it when I was in Venice Mimo..don’t know if you’ve seen this post – http://hellenjc.wordpress.com/2011/11/10/acqua-alta-umbrellas-and-wellies/

  17. MImo, with eyes like yours, you are meant to be behind a camera. There is such sensitivity and empathy in your pictures…And i feel that many of your days must run over with moments of intricate and exquisite details. You engage with what many of us are the poorer for having never noticed.

    Take care.

  18. Wonderful captures of rainy days! And yes, I love photographing the rain as well! Great work!

  19. Yes, I do love shooting in the rain, too, provided there is not too much wind. It gives us such soft lighting and saturated colors–what’s not to like? My favorite here is the one with the red umbrella. It’s fantastic how the point light sources developed contrasting-colored haloes.

  20. Love these! Your post reminded me of a recent post on Steve McCurry’s blog (well, it was originally posted a long time ago, but I guess they re-post it recently)

  21. They are just magnificent !!

  22. I love the coloured bokeh.

  23. I do love to photograph the rain.
    Very good slide show

  24. Really very good Mimo!

  25. OMG… I love these pictures! Great shots! Congratulations!

  26. Very interesting idea!

  27. I enjoy my time watching the slide show. So many good composition. Very good reference for people who wants to learn the art of photography. Good Day Nonoy Manga

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