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Day 22~ December 22nd ~ Guilin

back bending life
back bending life

Thinking of those that carry the weight of the world on their backs today…

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Day 31~ October 31st~ Yunnan

until the next journey~ farewell beautiful Yunnan

As harsh and as raw as Yunnan was to travel through, I am counting the days till I am able to go back there and be charmed again by its wild intensity. I have been told that the way I processed the photos of this past month has been too contrasty, too sharp, too extreme, and this is true. Yunnan for me was exactly that, rough, sharp, wild, and its lifestyle contrasting greatly with what I and most of us are used to. I feel that knowing different cultures thoroughly can only increase and deepen our humanity. So with that, I say farewell to the Honghe region of Yunnan and its colorful people and I will meet you again tomorrow with the start of a new month of images, somewhere entirely different…

Thank you for your comments, encouragement, advice and views along the way.

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Day 17~ October 17th~ Yunnan

bearing it for long years

There are still places in this world, where hard labor is a way of life. The formidable Hani women build their own homes, plant and sow their own rice fields, slaughter their own animals for food and gather their own firewood for cooking. All the weight is carried on their backs and supported by their incredibly strong necks for years on end. If the essences of strength and patience were looking for a home on this planet, wouldn’t it makes sense that they would seek these people?

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Day 9~ August 9th~ Boracay

in conversation

Childhood is the time when intimate conversations about the most innocent of things are of utmost importance…

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Day 8~ July 8th~ Vietnam

one in the crowd

How often do we see people passing us by and dismiss them as one in the crowd? Sometimes I love to imagine the kind of childhood they had, how they liked their school, what friends they have, how they first fell in love, and how their voice sounds when they sing.

Yes, every single one has a story to tell…

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Day Three Hundred Twenty Eight, December 16, 2011 (the post I forgot to publish)

what will they build?

As I got ready to post my final image of the project today, I realized that I missed posting the photo I took on December 16th! So before I end and to keep things tidy, here it is!

Children looking at a graphic skyline, children who hold the future in their little hands, and the little people who will sculpt the future through their own original visions. I wonder what they will build…

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Day Three Hundred Three, November 21, 2011

consumed into oblivion

Wild life conservation is a hot topic. I normally avoid hot topics, but today I will make a small exception. This very kind looking man(a contradiction in itself) stands on our street daily trying to sell wild turtles to passersby, so I was intrigued an moved to look it up. It seems that these turtles are thought traditionally in China to prolong life when eaten, that they are now on the growing endangered species list. Despite government efforts to curb their consumption and raise awareness, these creatures are captured daily and sold on the city streets in an effort to make a buck or a renimbi. Like all hot topics, the first step is to gather the facts, so that’s what I have started doing and I am only barely scratching the surface. No point making a hot topic even hotter.


Day Two Hundred Fifty Nine, October 8, 2011

on the way home

No matter where we travel to, no matter how exciting an adventure is, there is nothing more satisfying than the return home. What waits at home is a sense of relief, to go back to the familiar, to the relaxed knowing that all is well and safe, the joy of being back in the nest. And for a child, their toys become exciting all over again, their bed a haven of comfort and their home a place of well-being. Yes, it is always good to go back home.