Day 31~ October 31st~ Yunnan

until the next journey~ farewell beautiful Yunnan

As harsh and as raw as Yunnan was to travel through, I am counting the days till I am able to go back there and be charmed again by its wild intensity. I have been told that the way I processed the photos of this past month has been too contrasty, too sharp, too extreme, and this is true. Yunnan for me was exactly that, rough, sharp, wild, and its lifestyle contrasting greatly with what I and most of us are used to. I feel that knowing different cultures thoroughly can only increase and deepen our humanity. So with that, I say farewell to the Honghe region of Yunnan and its colorful people and I will meet you again tomorrow with the start of a new month of images, somewhere entirely different…

Thank you for your comments, encouragement, advice and views along the way.

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  1. Beautiful series, Mimo. Thank you for sharing Yunnan and its beautiful people with us. πŸ™‚

  2. Mimo, what a wonderful series this was – a glimpse into a place with it’s own beauty that has captured your heart.

  3. You have left us guessing Mimo.. is he running to something or away from something.. it could be either of course πŸ™‚

  4. Wow, this is amazing, Mimo. There are a multitude of emotions that pass through me when looking at this.

  5. Thanks for showing us Yunnan and it’s wonderful people. I look forward to the new location. Happy November.

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