Day Three Hundred Three, November 21, 2011

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consumed into oblivion

Wild life conservation is a hot topic. I normally avoid hot topics, but today I will make a small exception. This very kind looking man(a contradiction in itself) stands on our street daily trying to sell wild turtles to passersby, so I was intrigued an moved to look it up. It seems that these turtles are thought traditionally in China to prolong life when eaten, that they are now on the growing endangered species list. Despite government efforts to curb their consumption and raise awareness, these creatures are captured daily and sold on the city streets in an effort to make a buck or a renimbi. Like all hot topics, the first step is to gather the facts, so that’s what I have started doing and I am only barely scratching the surface. No point making a hot topic even hotter.

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  1. Mimo, very striking composition – having the turtle central works, and tilting the street and the man adds a lot – this shot would not have been so good had it all been in the correct orientation. As for >>>eating the turtle, well that’s something else entirely! Adrian

  2. Man has become both the protector and the destroyer….. It was ever thus. A great photo again Mimo. This is quite my favourite blog..

  3. Great shot and really interesting information…so sad.

  4. What a brilliant approach to this indeed hot topic.

  5. Consumed into oblivion is aptly put.
    …sadly, it is tough to change evolution’s course, even though it works in ways that revolt us.

    This is probably the most candid picture of a turtle that I have seen.

  6. Woah, that’s one crazy pic of the turtle. Great treatment with the color on the post processing. I certainly feel bad about the turtles.

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