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Daily Coffee Talk~ 87/365

Today I saw a lot of children and young people enjoying the sun on a cold crisp day here in Germany and it made me think of this new generation.

They have to deal with so much and to inherit a broken world lacking in hope and riddled with corruption and warp.

The world today is so different to the one I had as a child. And yes, I did grow up inside of a civil war, but today feels somehow more volatile than that.

Things seem to be changing so fast and my hope is that change can happen in both directions. I know that sanity will return and morality still exists and good take up center stage at some point. It must…

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Day Three Hundred Three, November 21, 2011

consumed into oblivion

Wild life conservation is a hot topic. I normally avoid hot topics, but today I will make a small exception. This very kind looking man(a contradiction in itself) stands on our street daily trying to sell wild turtles to passersby, so I was intrigued an moved to look it up. It seems that these turtles are thought traditionally in China to prolong life when eaten, that they are now on the growing endangered species list. Despite government efforts to curb their consumption and raise awareness, these creatures are captured daily and sold on the city streets in an effort to make a buck or a renimbi. Like all hot topics, the first step is to gather the facts, so that’s what I have started doing and I am only barely scratching the surface. No point making a hot topic even hotter.