Day 8~ July 8th~ Vietnam

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one in the crowd

How often do we see people passing us by and dismiss them as one in the crowd? Sometimes I love to imagine the kind of childhood they had, how they liked their school, what friends they have, how they first fell in love, and how their voice sounds when they sing.

Yes, every single one has a story to tell…

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  1. That’s a very different portrait, Mimo – I like that a lot! Adrian

  2. A very striking photo! Less is more!

  3. What a wonderful graphic shot, simple and powerful, yet human. Great work as always, Mimo!

  4. There is nothing quite like people watching for me Mimo.. I may not photograph m,any of them but I do like watching them 🙂

  5. Mimo my dear, it’s amazing what you do. You’re absolutely right! Every man has his life story! story, which most often leads him into eternity … without him get caught!
    Be blessed with happiness Mimo my dear and all the best for you! 🙂

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