Day 22~ December 22nd ~ Guilin

back bending life

back bending life

Thinking of those that carry the weight of the world on their backs today…

8 thoughts on “Day 22~ December 22nd ~ Guilin

  1. Mimo I often wonder when I look at your photos that depict hardship ( to our western eyes) whether the people themselves consider it to be hardship or if they just accept it and are actually happy.. impossible to answer of course …


    1. Hi! This month’s photographs are all taken in the area of Guilin and surrounding Yangshuo and Longji. Hope that answers your question! Thank you for kind RT and comments πŸ™‚


  2. Oh that’s a furrowed face and a fixed expression, Mimo – and combined with the heavy load and the bent over, almost crouching posture, this is a very effective portrait. Well photographed! Adrian


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