6 Hours in Istanbul

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It was 5:50 am, after a long flight from Shanghai to Beirut, 6 hours in Istanbul held 2 different promises: to sit in coffee shops staring at passing strangers, reading a book, watching my phone screen and drinking endless cups of coffee and tea; or getting a visa, finding my way into the old quarter and discovering a city I have always longed to see.

The answer was as vivid as the ornate roof of the Ayasofia. It was likeĀ stepping through a magic door into a world of wonder, domes, arches, well mannered people (it was early morning after all and too early for bad moods to reach anyone) and amazing foods and drinks to sample.

I love traveling so much and as far as photography goes, these lone journeys are moments of soul searching and discovery. So yes, I would take adventure and the unknown anytime over airport layovers.

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  1. I really, really love the both the birds and fountain photo… Such wonderful composure and color. Great!


  2. I would have done the same Mimo, great photos.

  3. Beautiful images!! Time well spent

  4. Very well spent six hours Marie-Claire. Merci de partager avec nous.
    How did you find Beyrouth?

  5. great impression from Istanbul. I love this city!

  6. Hi Mimo, I totally can relate to the photographer’s lone journeys, they turn out as soul searching and full of discoveries. I just came back from India, a trip on my own, and just had all those experiences.

  7. Looks and sounds like a fantastic experience you shared. Beautiful images.

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