Warm Wishes to you all Along the Way

We are a few hours away from the onset of the New Year here in Germany. It has been a testing year, a learning experience and a good platform for what is to come next. I feel a strong sense of hope thinking of 2016 and a renewed feeling of inspiration. Thank you for having been there, my family, my friends, my fellow photographers, my much admired artist community, and everyone who has taken part in this journey here with me. You make my world brighter!

A lot of exciting things planned for 2016 artistically. More soon…

call of the wild~ Germany

Call to the wild~ Germany

travelers~ Germany

Travelers~ Germany

the magician~ Germany

The magician~ Germany

to touch a star~ Germany

The magic of Christmas~ Germany

German understatedness~_

German delicate gradation

byblos lights~ Lebanon

A few steps away~ Byblos

20 thoughts on “Warm Wishes to you all Along the Way

  1. Une très bonne année, Marie-Claire.
    I hope your daughter enjoyed every minute with her cousins. 🙂
    And thank for these shots, all very Mimo.
    May I form a wish? That we get more photographs from you in 2016. I always love the feelings you produce whether it is movement, eyes, atmosphere.
    Be good.


  2. Dear Mimo,

    I am always thrilled to get your blog posts! Your images are nuanced photographic artistry, and your words give the photos even greater connective depth. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. What a treat!

    Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope your stay in Germany will recharge the soul and give wings to the spirit.

    Are your travels ever taking you to the Pacific Northwest?

    Wishing you a kind and gentle year hugs lenis



    1. Thank you my dear Lenis. I think of you quite often and hope you are doing very well. I wish to visit the USA again soon. If I am in your are I will be sure to let you know. Much love to you.


  3. bonne annee marie-claire to you, your family and all your e-friends. May 2016 see a pause in alm the hatres Nd bloodshed and just enjoy simple moments with family and friends. I write this with skimpy internet in a remote village in colombia with driends and relatives. Cumbia is playing. Happy new year to all. Brian


  4. Koniec starego roku to czas podsumowań, jednak Ty nie skupiaj się na tym to minęło, a ciesz się ty, co może Ci przynieść Nowy Rok. Wejdź w niego radośnie, pełen nadziei i dobrych myśli. Niech w tym szczególnym dniu otaczają Cię najbliżsi, niech staną się niewyczerpanym źródłem siły na każdy dzień Nowego 2016 Roku. 🙂


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