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To Long For Belonging

She longs for the place~ Germany
She longs for Germany
a walk in the forest~ Germany
A walk in the forest with cousins

Land has this mysterious way of pulling at your soul, of beckoning you home, and for our young daughter, this land is Germany.

The longer we expatriate in China, the mightier that tug. She dreams of the family, the colors, the fresh air, the sounds and smells of a land she feels a strong belonging to despite the fact that she only lived there the first 2 years of her life. But our planet is strange that way, isn’t it?

Her dream will come true, at least for a few weeks starting tomorrow as we head west and our lungs rejoice!

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

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Even she lived only two years in Germany, that’s what her precious soul is leading her to. Where about in Germany are you going with her? I am just curious, because I am from Germany/Munich, migrating over the U.S.A. 25 years ago. Wish you a wonderful trip and keep us posted about your adventures there.

What an interesting knowledge for your beautiful daughter. I have always longed to see people but never a land. Whatever country they are in is good enough as long as I have the Meeting. I am thinking of this and wondering why I feel none of your beautiful daughters attachment. You will have a lovely time in Germany i hope. What country do you long for? You feel so global to me. c

A very to-the-point post, Marie-Claire.
Every land has its pull. My daughters were born in France and went to the Lycée, but they are now 100% Mexicans, with maybe a twist of French. No more.
Conversely, here I am, born in India, raised in Africa and the states, and after 25 years of Mexico I long for France almost everyday… 🙂 Like a Somerset Maugham character. I go back at least once a year, but this year I might make it twice.
You’re young, but how long before you will feel an irresistible tug towards Lebanon? 😉
Meantime, enjoy Germany, nieces and nephews and cousins.
Joyeux Noël to all the family

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