Pingyao moments~

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pingyao-6pingyao-2 pingyao-4 pingyao waiting for a break in the rain~ Pingyao

Pingyao, an ancient town in the Shanxi province of China, completely walled, preserved and authentic looking, is home to the yearly Pingyao photography festival where thousands of photographer meet. I visited for 3 days as 2 of my photographs were curated andย  included in a show there and during the last 2 days, it rained endlessly setting a beautiful mood for photography. I walked and walked, got drenched and took some photos that I will treasure for always.

all the time in the world~ Pingyao

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  1. i think my favorite is the tunnel picture… sooo good!

  2. Inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  3. what a great image, the guy with the umbrella, love it!

  4. Beautiful and evocative! Thank you Mimo…

  5. Gorgeous work, Mimi.
    Your love and respect for people and the earth shines in every photograph.

  6. Oh yes, these are treasures, especially the last one.. c

  7. Very good series, Mimo, I love it. The first is my favorite.

  8. The images are lovely!! truly beautiful!! (Only if it could change my thinking for china..which is not good ๐Ÿ™ …due to their cannibalism!!! )

  9. These are so beautiful, so intimate.

  10. These are all great photos. The cart through the gate had me puzzled for a moment.

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