Searching for home~

searching for home~ Edinburgh

searching for home~ Edinburgh

Ask me where I am from, where home is, and I find myself thinking before I answer you. This is the case for so many of us these days. We come from mixed race marriages, we leave our home countries, we live in a new place, we move again, we marry from yet another country and our children are left with a number of origins to choose from and call home. Recently someone asked my 7 year old niece where she was from, and she answered: “I am a Swiss/Lebanese/New Zealander and I live in UAE”, whereas my 9 year old daughter is a German/American/Lebanese who lives in China. Is this the face of new world citizenship and the age of planetary close connections and integration? I wonder…

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    A blog to follow !
    Nice pictures
    Thanks for sharing 😉

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    The thing that makes you wanna cry…

  3. can i reblog this?
    this is really a good one…

  4. somehow, this one makes me wants to cry…
    amazing art!

  5. I find your blog with flikr. So lovely pictures. This is beautiful. Grasses in the foreground are awesome , you are shooting as the Impressionists .PHSIMAGE

  6. Great composition! And a nice write-up to go along with it!

  7. There is only one race… the human race.. this is THE most marvellous image MImo.. I am sorry I have been neglecting your blog 🙁

  8. Beautiful picture! I’d love to have such a rich and varied heritage!

  9. I absolutely love this! Beautiful. Almost looks inspired by a painting.

  10. As a Pakistan-born, Africa raised, Us educated frenchman, married to a colombian, and now living in Mexico, I couldn’t agree more. Citizens of the world, someone said above. Aren’t we all? Maybe the day there are more of us, there will be less war and suffering? (On peut rêver!) Merci pour vos superbes photos.

  11. Gorgeous! Absolutely magnificent! Blessings, Robyn

  12. We are all part of the human race….we may have different ethnicities… but all of us were created in the image of God.

  13. Simply a stunning image, and beautiful words. We are so interconnected…

  14. Where is home? At first I would say, “Where ever I hang my hat.” But then I think…Mother Earth is my home.

  15. Love your niece’s answer … and maybe that’s a step toward a global community.

  16. stunningly beautiful image!

  17. amazing photo. Perhaps this is the way that that we will really really begin to realize/feel/know that we are all apart of the same family – the human family! And the longing for home may be part of that. thank you

  18. citizens of the world 🙂

  19. LOVE that photo! so true – I am American/Italian, my husband is English/Spanish and our kids are now living (coincidentally!) in the UAE. Especially here in Dubai, everyone has similar stories – part of the reason it’s a really interesting place to live.

  20. That’s the beauty of the connection of so many countries and cultures, we humans are all connected!

  21. We all come from the same amazing global villiage! Love your photo.

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