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Yearning for my Country~

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And the sun keeps on setting~ Lebanon

If you can count on anything in Lebanon it's the beautiful summer sunset every day . So much magic in the color display as the star of our solar system elegantly sinks into the deep blue sea every evening with a whispered promise to rise again soon.
Let's clean up our beautiful country to match the glory of the amazing heavens above her.

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Searching for home~

searching for home~ Edinburgh
searching for home~ Edinburgh

Ask me where I am from, where home is, and I find myself thinking before I answer you. This is the case for so many of us these days. We come from mixed race marriages, we leave our home countries, we live in a new place, we move again, we marry from yet another country and our children are left with a number of origins to choose from and call home. Recently someone asked my 7 year old niece where she was from, and she answered: “I am a Swiss/Lebanese/New Zealander and I live in UAE”, whereas my 9 year old daughter is a German/American/Lebanese who lives in China. Is this the face of new world citizenship and the age of planetary close connections and integration? I wonder…

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Day 31~ July 31st~ Vietnam

Farewell from enchanting Vietnam

With this I end this month’s series on Vietnam, a place so haunting and beautiful, made so much more special by its strong people, who despite all what they have gone through, remain friendly, courteous and hospitable to visitors.

Moving on to the next, and sorry for the flood of posts today to catch up with my project during travels and scarce internet availability.


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Day 2~ May 2nd~ Cambodia

beautiful people

Every single place I have been to around the world has shown me that the local people are the tarot of that place. They are the ones who process its energies, who live with the angels of that land and who give expression to its unseen worlds.

Whatever mystery and beauty radiates out of Cambodia is clearly seen twinkling in the eyes of its people, especially the children. It is their warm smiles that stay with you and make you dream of going back. Yes, it is a beauty that goes much beyond the physical surface, and their bright eyes are just gateways to a whole other world awaiting to be discovered.

photo taken: girl at the CCPP center in Sihanoukville, a fantastic project aiding Cambodian children to make a future through art. I encourage you to explore their website and their inspiring work. I will be posting quite a few photos from there this month.

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Project 365 from the archive~ Month One~ Lebanon

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Day One Hundred Ninety Nine, August 9, 2011

yellow road to Gibraltar

One of the pillars of Hercules (the second one being Jabal Moussa in Morocco), Gibraltar, a rock soaked in history, from Neanderthal, Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Visigothic/ Hispanic, Islamic, Spanish, Jewish, Spanish again, until in 1713 it became strangely enough, British!

Today Gibraltar, Jabal Tāriq (جبل طارق)~its Arabic name, is home for about 30,000 people of different origins and is a self governed democracy belonging to the European Union. It is an incredibly friendly place to visit, packed with charm and interesting architecture. Most definitely worth the long wait to cross into it from the border of Andalusia!

photo: Man on boardwalk in Southern Spain with a view of Gibraltar in the distance.