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Love you~

I love you
I love you

أحبك “I love you”

Reem is 9 years old. She is a Syrian refugee living in a camp in North Lebanon. I learned today that she lost both her parents in the recent conflicts. The only message written on her hand is : I love you


By ~mimo~

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Hello Mimo, this searing portrait of love and loss is reminiscent of the Steven McCurry photograph of the Afghan Girl also taken at a refugee camp nearly 30 years ago. As a young man, I was mesmerized by that photo. Today, as a father of a daughter slightly older than Reem, I find your photo both mesmerizing as well as haunting. Thank you for taking the time to reach across the globe and seek out images that connect us. I pray that Reem continues to draw strength from within.

This is very, very, very, sad. I wish for the world not to be able to stand on the outside of these conflicts comfortably looking on as children lose their lives and families. Her eyes are telling, more death and cruelty before them than one can absorb. May God keep her.

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I love eyes, and in people photography capturing the eyes can really add another level of depth to the image. This image is great the way the childlike artwork on her hand really draws you in to her face and eyes. You are left to wonder what significance the doodles on her hand have and what her expression means. Her eyes must have seen so many horrible things and yet in this moment there seems to be a peace around her. What do you think? What do you like about this image?

Bonjour Mimo
Did you take that picture? of the green-eyed child? Are u back in Lebanon?
How do u write “i love you” in Arabic, in latin characters.
Vos photos sont très émouvantes.

This breaks my heart. She is beautiful and she is strong. Those responsible for these atrocities will answer for their evil, if not in this life, then in the life to come. But they will be held accountable.

Life is hell for many of the world’s children. It’s a damn shame. We adults should be ashamed of ourselves for putting them all through hell. There is no real estate, natural resources, political ideology, religious belief or ego that is worth abusing children in the umpteen ways that exist.

I love you too.
She is strong, she will go forth and find her way.
Some have a tougher journey than others – whether that is good or bad is not for me to judge.
The situation on this planet is out of sychronisation, this I ´m sure of, far too much pain, and I want it healed and corrected.

Than you for a beautiful reply . I also want for this girl to have kindness and peace. Comfort her soul with love.

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