Day 6~ November 6th~ New York

bitter sweet

A ‘love it or hate it’ place, New York is not for everyone. It can appear as an overwhelming monster to some, where to some it feels like the home they have been seeking all their lives. Both feelings are so strong and intense that there can be no middle way where this city is concerned.

photo~ Red Hook~ Brooklyn

7 thoughts on “Day 6~ November 6th~ New York

  1. I gotta say from the South Jersey perspective; NYC is a very middling city to most of us. We are so close to Philadelphia, a beautiful and bustling big city of our own, that New York often just feels like an annoying younger brother who had a growth spurt and now thinks itself to be the greatest (ignore the fact that Manhattan is chronologically older, Philly is where the history of this country was written). Philly has everything that NYC has, just a little smaller and more laid back. I don’t mean this as a knock on New York, to the contrary, I enjoy New York. But I just can’t bring myself to care very strongly about it one way or the other.


  2. Love the signs, Mimo! As to how people feel about New York, it feels like both to me, Mimo, though I’m always surprised how intimate the neighborhoods feel, even in Manhattan.

    On a sadder note, a colleague’s record company lost most of their business in Red Hook last week from flooding- a hard hit neighborhood. Vlad and Johna of Wind Against Current posted a great story on Red Hook that got Freshly Pressed – you may have seen it already.


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