Day 12~ October 12th~ Yunnan

to laugh with the whole of you~ farmer~ Yunnan

Do you remember the last time you laughed with all of your heart while shuffling papers at work in your office? Does the stress in our lives allow us the luxury of a real body shaking laugh? Simple people who lead simple lives have the precious access to simple happiness, the best kind of happiness there is. When we have so little to lose, there is so much less to worry about and the sound of our laughter is lighter, more musical and has the ability to get reflected in our eyes.

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  1. We can all keep a childlike quality in our hearts no matter what job we do.. in fact it is essential that we do..

  2. I love that laughing face. Well done!

  3. As always, Mimo, your reflections are as powerful as your photos 🙂

  4. it the first steps in life that can cause us to melt in the same time , the best light if life ,,,, first steps of humanity ,,,, baby like

  5. Fantastic shot, Mimo. It appears to be so spontaneous.

  6. One of your wonder-, wonder-, wonderful photographs!

  7. Laughter is amazing. Real laughter. Love this!

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