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Day 13~ October 13th~ Yunnan

blank pages

Children, no matter what we expect, plan, project and wish for in them, their futures are blank pages as far as we are concerned. We are unable to control what they will become, who they were meant to be and the things they are destined to accomplish. Despite our blindness to the theaters of their future, every action we take can affect them in their vulnerability. One would hope and pray that most of us act wisely.

By ~mimo~

Photographer, Art searcher, Motion Designer, traveler.

6 replies on “Day 13~ October 13th~ Yunnan”

It’s my opinion that in most cases, children’s faces look like blank pages because they haven’t yet ripened and learn to express the complexity of their souls, the depths of their thoughts, personalities, and relationship to the world around them. I do not argue with the question mark you have placed regarding their futures… but I think that when looking at a child’s face, what we see or don’t see isn’t tied to their future, but where they are right now. In some cases, however, one can see a lot about the child by looking into his face. And then too, it has little to do with his future. I like your photography. You have some beautiful pictures here.

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