Day 5~ April 5th~ Congo

when even hard rocks can offer comfort

The face of exhaustion…

Images can tell stories so much better than words. When I look back at an image like this of a refugee child, I feel so much more than what can be put into words. So I will leave the words to you this time, to form your own.


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  1. To have such a relaxed posture on such a hard ground.

    I see strength, future and bravery.

  2. I see sadness and helplessness on life

  3. Wow, that really is a powerful image and a great composition too.

  4. Extremely moving, Mimo – what a tough place Africa can be – and the problems just seem to go on and on. Adrian

    • Actually, conflicts in Africa (55 countries) are less now than ever before. Many countries are moving up from low income countries in the world rankings.

      People are intelligent and ingenious and have started building a brighter future. Hopefully Congo will follow in these African countries footsteps

  5. Poignant, powerful, and beautiful all at once. What a gift you have for capturing this kind of image, Mimo.

  6. Powerful imagery Mimo! I gave thanks a while ago for ” an accident of birth” that kept me out of such suffering!
    Can’t help thinking “Why?”

  7. Your trip must have been a continual emotional strain.

  8. This is absolutely stunning. Such a powerful shot!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing all these photos. Heartbreaking but we tend to take so much for granted and some of us need to be constantly reminded that the world does not revolve around us.

  10. Poor little guy…

  11. From my perspective, I see sorrow and hopelessness reflected in the child’s face. And, no wonder, today, the wickedness of men and nations is “beyond the pale”.

  12. I’m actually reminded by the Bible story of when Abraham slept in the wilderness and used a rock for his pillow. Another of your amazing images.

    • Hiya mobius! Please don’t be offended, but it wasn’t Abraham that slept on a rock, but rather it was Jacob whose name was changed to Israel. The Zionist state calling itself “Israel” is an impostor, a counterfeit of ancient Israel. And, most Christians, including many Western Nations are deceived regarding this fact. Peace and blessings to you and yours, mobius faith! 🙂

  13. The juxtapositon of a neat healthy child on a bed of rocks is an analogy of the childs ability against the odds which is reflected on the childs face. Oh, the things that most of us have never experienced; thank God!

  14. Very emotional! Amazing images you have captured.

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